Ten groszek obrażił nas wszystkich!

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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

Ten groszek obrażił nas wszystkich! is a shock video created by TheWitheredMaxieOne on 11th June 2023. The video disguises itself as a normal clip from The Cramp Twins.

The video itself is a particular clip from a British animated children's series The Cramp Twins episode "Just Desserts/Pirate Pants", but with a Polish dub. In the clip, Mr. Phelps says "Ten groszek obrażił nas wszystkich!" (This pea was disrespecting us all!). After the line, Mr. Phelps uses a large wooden hammer to smash the pea, but in this video, after he smashes the pea, the video cuts to a video of a black boy getting his head blown up by a shotgun that the cameraman is holding. The shotgun kind of appears to be a Mossberg 590A1, but that might not be possible since the shotgun originated in the USA and could not be delivered to Africa.


NOTE: The following shock video contains extremely graphic content!

  • qu.ax/AalM.mp4



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