Sunflower dance

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Sunflower dance (Japanese: ひまわりのダンス, Himawari no dansu) is a flash screamer animation made by the Japanese user Unmon.

The animation begins with a loading screen in front of a white background and black text saying, "Now loading". Then the animation shows a rooftop with air conditionings, fans and what appears to be shoes on the floor. Then it changes to an image of a building and an air conditioning system, until it cuts to white. Then cuts back to the rooftop from earlier, then a skinny looking creature appears, dances and disappears 2 times. And then it flashes red and white several times. Then the creature is gone, and static appears on the screen. until the screen vanishes. Then an image of a creature's face pops up along with a loud scream, and then cuts to a white background and then it fades back to the rooftop. Then behind a black background text appears saying "end" on the bottom right, then the animation ends.


NOTE: The following animation contains a screamer!




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