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Square Rooms is a Japanese escape room Flash game made by AlphaZone. It has three bad endings, two normal endings and one true ending. One of the bad endings contains a screamer. It later released a remake version that's vastly different and without any screamer.

Walkthrough to screamer

NOTE: The following description contains spoilers!

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1. Click "START" after Flash fully loaded

2. Click on the red dot to turn on the light. Click the door knob, says "unable to open"

3. Click on the gun on floor, click door knob again to shoot the lock open

4. Watch the intro or click "SKIP" on bottom right corner

5. Turn left two times, can see a door marked with red paint all over which says "Don't open", and "You need to know X which is the password" on the left

6. Turn right and enter room "W", turn right, open the third drawer, get the password prompt "You'll die if you open the door that says don't open. X=π"

7. Go back to the door with "Don't open", click the pinpad, enter 3.14

8. The door opens with nothing inside but there is a clickable area in the middle

9. Click on it and a small red dot will fly across a curve in front of the door, followed by the What's Wrong With This Picture? screamer image and a loud scream

10. After the screamer the game is still playable, the opened door will have the screamer face flashing inside


NOTE: The following Flash contains a screamer!

  • web.archive.org/web/20220720121223/img1.yo4399.com/swf/91/b27d38435f1f9520d790.swf



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