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{{Infobox|title = Disney subliminal message (and other subliminal messages)|image = ThTYV278LP[[File:disneysubliminals.jpg|maker = killabobader2|date = March 21, 2011|type = Video|language = {{UKFlag}} English|country = {{United States}}}}thumb]]'''Disney subliminal message ( and other subliminal messages)''' is a [[screamer]] video from killabobader2, initially uploaded to [[YouTube]] on March 21st, 2011.
The video opens up with a random image of a hamburger from the KFC as the user introduces the video. Then, the video properly begins. The first "message" is the Super Mario Galaxy logo with the letters removed and scrambled so the text is saying: "''UR MR GAY''". The Coca-Cola logo is then shown and is flipped and drawn over to show it resembles a man in a fedora. The final image is an ad for Disney Home, showing many well known Disney characters. The video zooms in to the top left and is then flipped sideways. Shortly after, a zombie baby and the scary clown image appears with the loud screams. it is followed by laughter and pictures of a horse and man chuckling.

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