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[[File:Ghost_caught_on_tape.png|thumb|The room in the video.]]'''Ghost Caught on Tape''', also known as '''Scary Rocking Chair''''' ''or '''Ghost Chair''''' (on [[]]), ''is a 20-second [[screamer]] video uploaded by Steve Zuranski ([[YouTube]] user SZWORLD) on October 1, 2006. The video has gained over 76 million views as of May 2018.
The video starts in a dark room with a rocking chair in the middle. There is a Chevy commercial playing very quietly in the background. Nothing moves, until near the end, the rocking chair starts moving; right after, [[Regan MacNeil]] pops up in front of the rocking chair and runs up to the screen screaming. After around 5 seconds, the video changes to a white text reading "''''" then the video ends. <br />An alternative version exists which replaces Regan's possessed face with a female with black eyes and mouth.
<u>NOTE</u><span>: The following videos contain [[screamers]]!</span>


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