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'''Wonder Pets Theme Song''''' ''is a 28 second video uploaded to [[YouTube]] made by user big7ben2004 on October 30, 2012. This video disguises itself as a kid friendly video, but uses a [[screamer]] to trick people into knowing it's not.
The video begins with a brief clip from an intro from the popular [ Nick Jr]. T.V. show ''[! The Wonder Pets]''. The video goes on as a normal intro, with the characters singing the iconic theme song. But, at the 0:21 second mark of the video, which seems like the actual end of the intro, a close-up picture of [ [Regan MacNeil]] from ''[[wikipedia:The Exorcist (film)|The Exorcist]] ''pops up along with a loud poor quality scream, which sounds like it was made by the creator of the video, and not taken from a different [[screamer]].
=== Controversy ===


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