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{{Infobox|title = Squirrel in a mouse trap|image = [[File:Sq.png|imagecaption = thumb|The squirrel about to set off the trap|maker = ishaan sharma|date = June 19, 2015|type = Video|status = |country = {{India}}|length = }}]] '''Squirrel in a mouse trap''' is a [[screamer]] video uploaded by ishaan sharma on June 19, 2015.
The video shows some live footage of a squirrel cautiously approaching and investigating a spring-loaded mousetrap. Eventually, the squirrel tries to eat the piece of cheese and consequently sets off the mousetrap, which snaps and flips away from the rodent. The squirrel then reels back and cowers in one spot for a while. It then stretches its head with a leery look as it appears to have noticed the camera, and suddenly leaps towards the screen. At this point, a picture of [[Amy Peterson]] from ''[ Fright Night]'' appears with a scream and zooms in and out, much like [[Zoeken]].
<u>NOTE</u>: The following videos contains [ screamers]!
*''' • ''' •''' Screamer version.'''Screamer version.
*''' • ''' •''' Original video.'''Original video.
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