Sound Akrag 1.3

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Sound Akrag 1.3
Sound Akrag 1.3 installer.png
The installer on Windows XP.
Maker: El Bananero
Type: Application
Release date: 2009

Sound Akrag 1.3 is an scareware made by the Uruguayan YouTuber EL BANANERO in 2009, it disguises as a plugin for any audio editor to replicate the voices that the YouTuber does for his parodies.

The program starts disguised as a regular InstallShield Program after clicking next, the program starts a sound test saying that the volume must be on,once the sound test is done the next button is available, after clicking the next button. a horrific face pops up with a scream, then a window of a image of the YouTuber flipping the bird appears and a sound which says "Haha I Screwed you!" in spanish.

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NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

  • Showcase video:

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one month ago
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scareware, never knew about this
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