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Sound Akrag 1.3 is a scareware made by the Uruguayan YouTuber Adrián Maximiliano Nario Pérez (El Bananero) in 2009. It disguises itself as a plugin for any audio editor to replicate the voices that the YouTuber does for his parodies.

The program starts disguised as a regular InstallShield Program but after clicking next, the program starts a sound test saying that the volume must be on, once the sound test is done the next button is available. After clicking the next button. a horrific face pops up with a scream, then a window of an image of the creator flipping the bird appears and a sound which says "JAJA, ¡te cagué!" ("Haha I Screwed you!").

The word "Akrag" is actually the word "garca" (trickster) spelled backward and written with a "k" instead of a "c" (which is a "cool" way to write some words in Spanish, similar to putting a "z" instead of an "s" in English)


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NOTE: The following links contains a screamer!

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