Scary Pop Up (Original)

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Scary Pop Up (Original)
The video, that started it all.....
Maker: HappyPerson123000
Type: YouTube Video
Release date: September 28, 2007

Scary Pop Up is a screamer video that was created and uploaded onto YouTube by a user HappyPerson123000 on September 28, 2007, since this video was the original Scary pop-up, the video has accumulated over 6 Million views as well as the channel being received over 3k subscribers.

Despite its name already telling the user what to expect, the video is very simple, it starts displaying a stock photo of a kitten jumping through the grass filled with Coreopsis flowers, However, at the very end of the video, will display a picture of Regan MacNeil accompanied by a person shouting "Brains", after the screamer ends, will show a text scrolling up on the screen afterward, stating "I gotcha Haha".

This Video Title has been chosen by many videos, including Scary pop out christmas, Scary pop up.wmv, and others.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!


List of SPU Videos

  • Boo the little tiger with a twist:


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