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Scary Maze is a flash maze game created by Terminarch Games sometime in 2018, hosted on the website

The game itself is too similar to the original Maze game by Winterrowd, so the levels (save for the third level) and gameplay are the same; guiding the dot through the five levels (instead of four like the original) without touching the walls. The differences to the original are that the mazes are of pink colors instead of just bright cyan, the third level layout is different, and the game contains animations, like a gray mist through the game, and sound, like horror ambientation background sound when starting the game, and footstep sound effects when dragging the dot, the latter three to give the game a horror theme. The game also has a webcam feature which can be enabled upon loading the game, or disabled if not desired. At level 3, near the second curve of the narrow part, a skull pops up with a loud roar, and makes an evil laugh, and then goes to the screen showing the reaction picture taken by the webcam to be saved, unless the webcam is disabled, where instead shows a stock photo icon and an option to enable the webcam.



NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!



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