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This article contains content that some may find shocking.‎
Reader discretion is advised.

Rhythm Heaven Fever X, also known as Fever XXX, is a shock animation created by Korean animator/artist Minus8. It is a pornographic parody of Rhythm Heaven Fever, specifically Remix 10, the final stage of the game, hence its name.

The woman that's subjected to the sexual situations is the Rhythm Girl from the title screen. There is an unseen man who seems to also get into sexual situations but mostly with the woman.

Content including

  • Packing Pests: The video begins at the candy factory, where an unseen male who takes the Employee's place and sticks a hand from behind the cubicle. After a few seconds, the woman is tossed onto the man's penis as he grabs her, where they engage in sex. As this happens, her head punts the candy and spiders away.
  • Shrimp Shuffle: One of the shrimp, now with a human penis, starts jabbing the woman (who's now dressed as a shrimp) in her ass.
  • Board Meeting: Two of the boars are having sex with the woman and the assistant. The boars do a spin trick until they burst.
  • Micro-Row: The microorganisms are reanimated as sperm, swimming along. The view zooms out of a penis entering a uterus to reveal the woman having sex with an unseen male.
  • Double Date: The couple are seen in their underwear and are sitting on a bed, with the girl sucking on the boy's penis.
  • Donk-Donk: The woman rides on the rocket which now is shaped like a penis tip which now has one fork operator which also has the fork operator penetrating her ass.
  • Fork Lifter: The woman is showing off her body which arouses the unseen man as he masturbates with the woman is catching his semen. The fork from the original game is tied in her hair.
  • Air Rally: The woman and the girl from Tap Trial, dressed as Baxter and Forthington respectively, take turns licking a penis against a sky background until the Tap Trial girl sucks on the penis and spits it out hitting the woman in the face.
  • Cheer Readers: The player's cheerleader has sex with a shadowy figure in the library.
  • Figure Fighter: The woman uses the Muscle Doll's air pumping device as a vibrator, and each pump makes her more pleased.
  • Samurai Slice: The samurai allows the woman to suck his penis.
  • Flock Step: The Huebirds all march while rubbing their penises on the woman.
  • Built To Scale: A humanized version of the player's machine does its work on the woman.
  • Screwbot Factory: The robots now have human bodies, and proceed to make love with the woman and a grey woman when they're placed on the conveyor belt.
  • Bossa Nova: Bossa has sex with a green-haired Nova.
  • Hole In One: Squatting in front of the hole, the woman lets five monkeys and the mandrill, whacked over by the golfer, penetrate her. The flag from the orginal game can be seen in her ass.
  • See-Saw: Humanized versions of See and Saw penetrate the woman through her ass and vagina.
  • Monkey Watch: The woman allows the monkeys to slap her ass while the purple monkeys finger her.
  • Catch Of The Day: Ann Glerr lets vibrator-shaped fish slip in her vagina until the blue vibrator resembling the blue bass with a the long tounge licks her vagina pleases her.
  • Exhibition Match: Slugger and Pitcher get it on in front of the crowd.
  • Launch Party: A close view of semen squirting into a vagina, like the rockets in the original. The view briefly zooms out to reveal the identity of the woman: Rosalina from the Mario franchise.
  • Love Rap: MC Adore is humped by her two back-up rappers as they sing their lines.
  • Tambourine: The woman takes the place of the monkey as she sucks the man's penis. The man also grabs her head to go faster. The monkey's tambourine is tied to her head.
  • Tap Troupe: The Tall Tappers perform their routine, only the player's character is making love with the woman while is he is still taping; while as this is happening, the other troupers make a mean look at the player's Tall Tappers
  • Flipper-Flop: Captain Tuck plays with the woman's nipples.
  • Karate Man: Karate Joe humps the woman (who dressed in a karate robe) as he shows off his move and the pots and rocks are replaced with condoms as the it ends the woman does a karate kixk pose as Karate Joe bursts.
  • Tutorial: Miss Ribbon sucks on Cam's penis until he bursts.
  • Ringside: The Reporter asks her questions to the wrestler as usual, until he gets an erection, picks the reporter up, removes her skirt and places her onto his penis as he poses for the fans with a close-up to The Reporter's face
  • Working Dough: The woman and a humanized Lady Dough are humped by humanized verisons of the Dough-Guys in the game.
  • Night Walk: On a space background, the woman is naked with heels on and is made love to by an unseen man. Marshal can be seen bouncing and rolling on her left asscheeck.

We return to the beginning, where the sex continues until the song ends. Like the original, it has a fake out ending.


NOTE: The following animation contains pornographic content!



Mickey Mouse

25 months ago
Score 0++
I saw this animation by accident and after watching it, I did this: https://yout...A8OHI0?t=306

Giga404 ALT

14 months ago
Score 0++


20 months ago
Score 1++
This was the parody everybody was talking sbout it mostly features the Rhythm Girl from Fever having sex with almost every male in this. Save for The Boy's Crush Assistant Tap Trial Girl Cheerreader Nova Anne Gler Pitcher Reporter and Miss Ribbon. And also half of the characters are missing and while the art atyle was emulated well a few charactets look off. This was not bad for a Rule 34 parody coming from 2012.

Anonymous #5

20 days ago
Score 0 You
Yeah, I know.

Anonymous #1

15 months ago
Score 2++
Bro, that is fucked

Anonymous #4

12 months ago
Score 2++
It is minus8, obviously it's going to be a LITTLE cursed...

Anonymous #2

15 months ago
Score 1++
This Video made me Lose my Faith in Humanity...


13 months ago
Score 0++
Heya, it could have been worse. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anonymous #3

12 months ago
Score 0++
I mean, if it exists.


10 months ago
Score 1++
I'm willing to question whether it's really a shock animation. At least to me, knowing Minus8, I know he has a very vivid mind. I'm very sure this is just very imaginative, animated porn, but nothing with ill intent.

Anonymous #5

7 months ago
Score -1 You
i played this as a kid

Anonymous #5

5 months ago
Score 0 You
Oh God...


5 months ago
Score 0++
I mean no harm by asking this, but how is this a shock site? Seems more like your basic run of the mill animated porn if you ask me. Now, Shadman's stuff? That's shocking. (And disgusting!)

Anonymous #5

one month ago
Score 0 You
I know. And I've watched this video when I was 16 years old. I told you it's cursed all thanks to Minus8.

Anonymous #5

one month ago
Score -1 You
I gotta look forward for the Little Big Planet version and the censored Little Big Planet x Minus8 version! 😍😍😍😻😻😻


one month ago
Score 0++
2012 was a weird time.
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