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Rabbit Crushing is a shock video appeared on major websites and forums. In the video, a young woman with a Sichuan accent sat directly on the rabbit with her buttocks, and then put a glass plate on the rabbit. And then sit on the glass plate to crush the little rabbit alive. This move caused collective anger among netizens.

Content[edit | edit source]

"Baby I'm sorry but I must do this to you." ~Xu Huang[1]

The video`s duration is 4 minutes and 9 seconds. In the video, a few white rabbits are locked in an iron cage in the corner. Subsequently, a young woman (about 20 years old) in white clothes caught a bunny from the cage, first kissed the bunny, and then held the bunny to face the camera and said "hello". Then, the woman lifted the little rabbit high and suddenly threw the little rabbit on the table with an ugly face. After a while, the young woman held the bunny in her arms and stroked it again, then put it in her trouser pocket, shaking it as she walked, chanting words in her mouth.

Afterward, the woman held a piece of thick glass in front of the camera and made a grimace and pressed it on the little rabbit. At this time, the little rabbit's body was already deformed, and his limbs were struggling. However, the little rabbit's struggle did not arouse the woman's sympathy. Instead, she sat directly on the glass plate and crushed it until the rabbit's head was squashed and her body stopped moving. In the transition of the camera, it was discovered that the bodies of two little rabbits were lying on the ground. The video is 4 minutes and 7 seconds long, with beautiful women in white clothes, short skirts, shredded meat, and long hair. They look beautiful. But what she did was unbearable to witness, and the whole process was full of laughter. The pictures are all female, and the voice is only female, and they all speak Sichuan dialect, which is very similar to the Chengdu dialect. The poor rabbit was covered with a glass plate and sat twice, the first time lasted 47 seconds and the second time lasted 32 seconds.

The long-haired beauty took out a live rabbit from the cage on the table to play with. There were three more in the cage. At 1 minute and 16 seconds, the long-haired girl said "Sit gently", then put the rabbit on the table and sat down. "It's so soft!" she said. The rabbit jumped up and fell to the ground. The long-haired girl lifted it up and threw it on the table. Cover with a glass plate and sit The long-haired girl picked up a piece of glass next to her. According to visual inspection, the glass is rectangular, about half a meter long, 30 cm wide, and two to three centimeters thick. She smiled and placed it on the rabbit. At 2 minutes and 16 seconds, the long-haired girl sat on the glass plate and said, "Sit to the side of the head...Does it know that I am sitting on it?" (Does it know that I am sitting on it? ) There is a sound of things being smashed.

The long-haired girl hummed while twisting her butt, and screamed "Yeah" pleasantly. At 3 minutes and 3 seconds, she stood up and uncovered the glass plate. The long-haired lady lifted the dead rabbit, put it down again, and put on the glass plate. Lift your feet and sit again. At 3 minutes and 35 seconds, the long-haired girl sat on the glass plate for the second time, humming as well, and the person next to her was laughing. The long-haired woman lifted her feet and said, "Sell" (try it) the strength of my whole body." At 4 minutes and 7 seconds, the woman stood up, and the camera focused on her slender legs.

Background[edit | edit source]

The friend of the heroine Huang Xu (pseudonym) in the video revealed that after the rabbit abuse video was released in China, (Chinese video-sharing platforms in particular.[1]) netizens conducted[2] a "human search" on Huang Xu, and her name, hometown, graduate school, and even home address were exposed. She was under great psychological pressure and she did not want to contact people anymore. Huang Xu’s friends said that Huang Xu’s family background is very superior, and his personality is relatively simple. He was lured by shooting videos, and his income was not the legendary five or six thousand yuan, but 400 yuan. The video was filmed a few years ago, and she has been psychologically troubled in recent years. According to Huang Xu’s friends, when Huang Xu was about to graduate from university in 2007, he applied his resume to the Internet to apply for a job. Soon someone contacted her and asked her to do video production work. The nature of the job was to "mix salad with his feet."[2]

Out of curiosity and wanting to prove to his family that he can be financially independent, Huang Xu agreed to work. When she found out that the job content was wearing high heels and stepping on fruit, she felt strange, but the boss said that it was for some abnormal patients abroad and would never be spread to China. After stepping on the fruit, the boss gradually turned the things stepped on into living bodies such as crucian carp, breadworm, and lobster. Huang Xu gradually felt unacceptable and wanted to stop. But the boss threatened her that if she didn't continue her work, she would post the videos of trampling animals on the Internet. Huang Xu said that the first time he stepped on fruit, he got 100 yuan. Step on other animals and earn 200 to 300 yuan each time.[2] The time I stepped on the rabbit, I got 400 yuan. Huang Xu didn't contact him anymore. For several years, she had been suffering from psychological distress. After being exposed, she was on the verge of collapse.

My friend heard Huang Xu said: There is indeed a gang that makes videos of cruelty to animals in China. At present, Huang Xu has entrusted a friend to report the incident to the Niuwangmiao police station in Chengdu, Sichuan, hoping that the police can uncover the gang behind the scenes and prevent more girls from being fooled. "King Peacock" also said that in his QQ group, video producers often use the Internet to lure relatively simple girls into filming. The youngest girl involved in the killing of animals was only 19 years old.

Interests[edit | edit source]

The small animal group that the "rabbit girl" belongs to is called crush fetish (CF for short), which means having a special hobby; while the other branch is killer, which means slaughter and cutting. Several other women appearing in the video are all members of torture groups. A video of a middle-aged woman abusing cats, rabbits, and dogs that appeared on the Internet before was also from the group. These members are connected through QQ groups and have their own websites. This website is full of abnormal pictures and videos. In order to prevent visits by animal protectors and protect information from being leaked, this website is only open for two to three hours at night. At the same time, the site also adopted methods such as joining VIP members to trick some ignorant girls to join, and participating in the shooting of torture videos as a "queen".

Allegedly, the purpose of this group's killing of animals and filming videos is to make huge profits, that is, to make the filmed videos into discs and sell them abroad. The post also quoted an insider as saying that the abuser is a high-paying professional, and every time he takes a picture, he can get a minimum of 6,000 yuan in remuneration.

Internet release & QQ Website[edit | edit source]

Shady behind The "rabbit abuse video" aroused the indignation of netizens. In just a few days, netizens left over a hundred pages of messages. The netizen "Green Wind" said that the attitude towards animals reflects the level of social civilization, and I hope everyone is in awe of life.

At the time when netizens were condemned, the well-known website writer "Liu Suifeng" posted that the rabbit abuse video is not an isolated incident, because some people have a morbid psychological habit of watching abuses. Some interest groups made huge profits by shooting videos. Animals become victims. This post attracted great attention from netizens. The reporter got in touch with "Liu Suifeng". He said that the information he provided was provided by a netizen named "Peacock King" because he was well-known on the Internet and released it on his behalf. "King Peacock" said that he is an animal protectionist. After he accidentally discovered a QQ account selling animal cruelty videos, he wanted to expose such incidents, so he bought the videos and gradually gained trust in half a year. This group understands the shady behind it.

The video and photos provided by "Peacock King" showed that the scene was bloodier and crueler than the published video. The "King of Peacock" said that the group that buys and sells "animal cruelty" videos is a relatively closed group. The group is contacted through the QQ group, usually introduced by acquaintances. The videos they produced are published on foreign video websites for sale. The person who shoots the video can make a profit of five to six thousand yuan. The reporter then found a website that sold these videos. The website has a total of 279 animal abuse and killing videos. The objects of abuse and killing include insects, cats, rabbits, goldfish, etc. The prices range from US$3.7 to US$9, and the duration is four to five minutes. The website clearly stated that it can provide "very cruel" videos. Stepping on the video, customers can also contact via email to customize service content.

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Look, certain videos I AGREE to be prohibited from being shown on external links, like rape of women, or brutal murder of children, or the like. But this one from what I read in the text above, shows a brutal murder of a rabbit. It's shocking and controversial, but they can YES link the brutality of these bitches!
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