Poltergiest Attacks Man on Camera

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Is it real or fake?

Poltergeist Attacks Man on Camera is a ghost video from around 2005 of a man experiencing the violent wrath of an invisible force (possibly a ghost) on camera. It originated on EbaumsWorld back before YouTube had became a thing. It was recently uploaded by a user named Scary Videos in 2019 however as a backup copy.

It starts out with a man grabbing his camera while it is recording with a duffle bag on the ground to see the lights flickering on an off of his ceiling fan light the whole time this is all happening. Then a painting of a seashore starts moving very violently on the wall making loud thudding noises. Eventually a bowl and spoon on the table in front of him starts floating and then gets thrown at him and onto the floor,

As soon as this happens, he goes running out the front door and out of the house, and revealing his feet, and he is wearing a women's night gown barefooted. (Possibly resembling Samara Morgan from The Ring.)


NOTE: The following video contains weird goings-on!

  • ebaumsworld.com/videos/poltergeist/4206/
  • youtube.com/watch?v=Is-4okWO7DM



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