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Please be advised that the following article contains spoilers for the screamer mentioned in the title or description. If you have not yet experienced the material and wish to avoid spoilers, we recommend that you proceed with caution or refrain from reading until you have done so.

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Ok-su Station Ghost is a Korean web comic of a lady and a bloody hand demon in a subway station. Oksu Station is on Line 3 and Gyeongwon Line, Oksu Dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul. It is located near the confluence of the Han River and Jungnang River.

The comic persuades the viewer that is a true story about a man and a woman who committed suicide in Ok-su Station, but they had nothing to do with each other. South Korea is one of the countries that have the most deaths by suicide, ranked #4. The comic was made by studio HORANG. The comic is about a young man known in a Korean forum as Engineer Geek in Yeonshinnae, who was in the subway station in Oksu (옥수) waiting for the last train. He noticed one lady who seemed to be drunk, she was moving all around, staggering and contorting her body.

Engineer Geek decided to post it on a fictional forum but it could be likely on another channel. After a lot of comments making fun of the lady, after Engineer Geek posted a picture of her, one guy named Golden Hairtail warned Engineer Geek to not get closer to her. In his childhood, Golden Hairtail could see ghosts and, in that picture, he saw a bloody hand pushing the lady towards the tracks, as quoted "No... I'm not saying she is a ghost...There's a blood-covered hand snatching her hair a pulling towards the tracks" [..] "Don't you dare get closer to help her. Visible even on the photo? That is not an ordinary demon".

After a long time of reading comments, Engineer Geek noticed that she disappeared. After he says "What....What the hell is that?" There will be a jumpscare of a bloody hand trying to catch your screen.



NOTE: The following comic contains a screamer!

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NOTE: The following website is in Korean. If you do understand this language, please help us with sources.

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