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No-Snake Hotel is a screamer game created by the game developer Two Star Games, made in just 24 hours[1][2], and released on as a Microsoft Windows-only in 2022, .


In No-Snake Hotel, players assume the role of a guest staying at the unusual apartment. The main objective of the game is to locate the 100th room. Upon entering, players discover a paper entitled "I just arrived at the hotel!" placed on a table to the right. The note contains the message: "Good golly Bart, this place is immaculate! You know how much I hate snakes, so I went out of my way to stay at the No-Snake Hotel. They've really done it Bart. There are absolutely no snakes in this hotel."

As players navigate through the hotel's corridors, they encounter another note titled "I feel safer than ever here!" This note recounts a past experience at a different hotel where a snake appeared in the room. The guest expresses relief at the absence of such creatures in the hotel. Further exploration leads to the discovery of a note named "I'm living the dream," in which the writer expresses thankfully for finally finding a safe haven after decades of avoiding vacation due to a traumatic snake encounter.

However, the atmosphere takes a dark turn. Upon reading the notes, the lights flicker, and a blood stain is noticed beneath a door. Upon opening the door, a green snake emerges from under the sofa. Players are presented with two choices: to head down a well-lit corridor (Direction 1) or to venture into a dark, damaged elevator (Direction 2).

Choosing Direction 1 leads to a scene where a massive snake wreaks havoc, destroying all rooms. Failure to flee results in a fatal snakebite, concluding the first ending.

The second ending involves encountering the giant snake from Direction 1 and fleeing to the broken elevator (Direction 2). Unfortunately, this path also ends in a snakebite, concluding the game's second ending.


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