Look Closely... (Find The Rabbid)

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Look Closely... (sometimes called Find the Rabbid) is a screamer commercial based on What's Wrong, made by Nickelodeon to promote the animated TV series, Rabbids Invasion.

The video challenges viewers to find the Rabbid. It starts off with a scene of a duck by a riverbank. At the 30 second mark, the scene is interrupted as a Rabbid with red eyes pops up from the bottom of the screen accompanied by its trademark scream: "BWAAAAAAAH!" The video flashes for a short time during that scream. The red-eyed Rabbid then goes down, and three blue-eyed Rabbids appear and laugh at the viewer.



NOTE: The following videos contains screamers!

  • YouTube Version: youtube.com/watch?v=p4ELH1Xhopw
  • Nickelodeon Version: nick.com.au/rabbids/videos/digital-short-rabbids-quick-hit-halloween-scare_copy/



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