JJ's Birthday At The Farm

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This page is about a screamer which is blocked in some countries due to copyright.

JJ’s Birthday At The Farm (Short Version) | Cocomelon is a screamer video by YouTube user gelp on Jul 26, 2022. It is a short video disguised from the channel "Cocomelon".

It begins with the Cocomelon intro card, before it fades into a birthday party, it shows 2 elderly people and 2 children waving, as another family turn up the party with gifts, one of the little boys gives the gift to the birthday boy (JJ), and then the camera pans over the presents he got, before cutting to the family dog with the text "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" at the bottom, with a colour going over it, and as the colour hits the T in Birthday, a green screen of Huggy Wuggy pops up with a very loud noise and devours the camera. The video has been blocked due to copyright. However, it can be viewed using a VPN.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!



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