JJ's Birthday At The Farm

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This page is about a screamer that is partially lost.
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Blocked Screamer
This page is about a screamer which is blocked in some countries due to copyright.

JJ’s Birthday At The Farm (Short Version) | Cocomelon is a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by gelp on July 26th, 2022.

The video starts with the Cocomelon intro card, which then fades into a birthday party. The scene depicts two elderly people and two children waving, as another family arrives with gifts. One of the little boys gives a gift to the birthday boy, JJ. The camera then pans over the presents before cutting to the family dog with the text "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" at the bottom. As a color sweeps over the text, a green screen of Huggy Wuggy suddenly pops up with a jarring loud noise and "eats" the camera. Unfortunately, the video has been blocked due to copyright, but it can still be viewed with the use of a VPN.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!



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