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Hotel Remorse

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This article contains spoilers!

Hotel Remorse is a survival horror video game that was created by Charlie Behan, & Raddy Peid and was published on Steam on April 28, 2015. The game follows a player named Norman Chambers, who was lost in the hotel, and he wanderer around the hotel, with only things starting to go bizarre from there.


The game started with a message on Saturday, October 2nd. There were several reports that a gunshot was heard from a hotel, and hotel residents quickly evacuated the hotel to seek safety. Then, with a loud gunshot, it switched to the game. The player saw a note on the table, and then walked to the corridor. When the player walks to the middle of the corridor, the player walks to the end of the corridor, where the player sees a piece of paper placed on the floor and a light suddenly goes out. The player went to another room, and the door suddenly closed behind the player. The player saw a dressing table door leading to another corridor. When the player entered the corridor, a ghost suddenly moved away from him. As the lights in front of the player went out, a huge terrible sound rang.

Later, the light will flash and the player will pass through it. The baby suddenly cries in the background and the player sees a note that the person is empty. Then suddenly the light turns on and the player looks at the door in front of the player, but one of the corridors begins to move violently and crushes the player, the player quickly finds the key and opens the door, a room with nothing but a baby. I see a note that the bed mysteriously moves in front of the player and the whole place is very quiet.

The player returns and the corridor is completely different, and the player finds another note placed in Section T of the hallway, and sees a note that the demon is threatening to capture the player. The demon suddenly appears and the player must run for it, and the player finally reaches the elevator, just in time to save the player's life. However, the elevator suddenly begins to vibrate strongly, the number of the entrance elevator changes to 666, the demon suddenly rushes towards the player with the lights out, and the demon suddenly disappears in front of the player. But when the player exits the elevator leading to a darker corridor, a large flash of scary faces suddenly appears with a loud roar accompanied by a loud sound, before it turns black (presumably it killed the player). The game seemed to be over as emotional music played with Made By @CahrlieBehman. The picture shows a hamster with a tribute of T-bag, but it was interrupted with a scary picture suddenly appearing once again with the same loud roar playing, as the message says "Thanks for playing ;)" and the game ends.


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

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