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Hotel Remorse is a survival horror video game that was created by Charlie Behan, & Raddy Peid and was published on Steam on April 28, 2015. The game follows a player named Norman Chambers, who was lost in the hotel, and he wanderer around the hotel, with only things starting to go bizarre from there.


Hotel Remorse is a survival horror game in which players take on the role of Norman Chambers, a lost guest wandering through a haunted hotel. The game begins with a message reporting a gunshot heard from the hotel on October 2nd, with guests quickly evacuating to safety. Upon starting the game, the player finds a note on a table before moving to the corridor. As the player progresses down the corridor, a piece of paper on the floor catches their attention and a light suddenly goes out. Upon entering another room, the door suddenly closes behind the player, trapping them inside. They then come across a dressing table door leading to another corridor, where a ghostly figure suddenly moves away from them. As the lights in front of the player go out, a loud and ominous sound is heard. The player eventually encounters a crying baby in the background, and finds a note indicating that the room is empty. Suddenly, one of the corridors begins to move violently, almost crushing the player, who manages to find a key and escape to an empty room. In this room, they encounter a note about a mysteriously moving bed and a feeling of eerie quiet.

Upon returning to the corridor, the layout has changed completely, and the player discovers another note warning them of a demon that is threatening to capture them. The demon suddenly appears, forcing the player to run for their life. After narrowly escaping, the player finally reaches an elevator, which seems to be their last chance for survival. However, the elevator suddenly begins to shake violently, and the number on the entrance changes to 666. The demon rushes towards the player with the lights off before abruptly disappearing. Upon exiting the elevator, the player enters a darker corridor, where a flash of scary faces suddenly appears with a loud roar and a sound, before the screen fades to black (presumably indicating the player's death).

As the game seems to be over, emotional music plays with a tribute to the game's creators, Charlie Behan and Raddy Peid. However, the peaceful picture is interrupted by a sudden and terrifying image accompanied by the same loud roar, before the message "Thanks for playing ;)" appears, signifying the end of the game.


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

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