Hot Blonde in Tanning Bed

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Hot Blonde in Tanning Bed is a well-known shock video made by The Danish Cancer Association in 2007. a way of showcasing the dangers of tanning beds. A young woman is seen entering the tanning room. She then slowly undresses until she is in nothing but a bikini and panties. She applies tanning lotion on her body, before sitting on the edge of the tanning bed to apply some on her legs. Suddenly, the cover of the bed comes down on top of her, crushing her to death. a text reading "Sunbeds can kill you. Turn them off". the video ends, sparks start flying from the bed.


NOTE: The following video contains graphic content!

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Anonymous user #1

10 months ago
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I'm probably the only person who feels bad for her tbh 👌😤✊ rip

Anonymous user #2

15 days ago
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Eh don't worry, it's faked

Anonymous user #3

12 days ago
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Bionicle did a parody of this once (with a lawn chair instead of a tanning bed).
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