Ghost in hostel room moving chair really scary

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Ghost in hostel room moving chair really scary (also known as Ghost Moves Chair in Thailand) is a screamer video of an unknown source. The origins date back to 2017, but no creator has been discovered or came out, but the video lives on through many reposts, and has been circulating the internet since 2019.

The video starts out with an Asian boy sitting on the bed of supposedly a hostel (as the title suggests) and takes a selfie. Then suddenly a white stool on the right moves slightly on it's own. The boy does not worry that much, and goes back to normal. Then suddenly the stool moves again, and then the boy notices again and doesn't care.

Now this time, the stool moves even more, and the lights go on and off. The boy then gets scared and hides under his covers, trying not to look at the stool as it suddenly moves back into it's original place. Then, after some more haunting and the teenage boy still under his covers scared, an Asian teenage boy suddenly jumps in front of the camera screaming and making a funny face, and then the two boys start singing and dancing to I'm an Albatroz by AronChupa while laughing, revealing it to all be fake and staged.

The boys depicted in the video refers to be from the Philippines or likely to be Thailand.


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