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Ghost Hunt is a playable e-card screamer made by Camilla Eriksson for and her own website, which hosts a number of original e-cards and animations, many of them with a holiday theme. Since most of her e-cards, even the Halloween-themed ones, are lighthearted and family-friendly, this game included several warnings on its title screen, like “too scary for kids!” and “not for the faint of heart!”.

The title screen tells the background story about a dead pirate that was buried under the floorboards of the Boston Library, who has been scaring unsuspecting visitors with his hauntings. It then instructs the player to click around the library to locate the Dead Pirate, with a reminder to put their speakers on.


The game displays a picture of a library, consisting of 16 different characters to interact with (including the Dead Pirate). Clicking any of them will play a character-specific animation, with a text displayed at the bottom saying “No, that's [character name]. you just need to find the Dead Pirate – Keep Looking!” Interactable characters include BungySpider, Oliver the Owl, Belfry Bat, the Bookie Monster, Sobbing Sally, the Ghost Of Overdue Books, Pip's TrapDoor, Cursed GrandPa Clock, Candle that blew in the Wind, our regular Librarian, Paul in the Wall, the PumpKing, the StoneCold Lion, mister Dracula, and the Evil Eye.

The Dead Pirate himself is actually hidden in an easily visible orb near the bottom of the screen. If the player clicks on the orb, an image of a skull with a gold tooth and a bandana pops up, along with an audio of Homer Simpson screaming. The is followed up with a message saying “Did I scare you?” and “Happy Halloween!”, along with a cartoon bat, a smiley face that says “hehe”, a button to play again, and a link to


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!




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