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Maker: Unknown
Type: Flash game
Release date: 2006

Gamemun was a screamer flash game created by Unknown user on 2006, however, the creator appears to be Danish.

The screamer itself disguises as a normal, 2 player game, regarding to fool people by letting them think they're going to play a game, the game starts with a loading screen, then the game gives an option to whether choose: "1 Player" or "2 Players".

After either one is chosen, leads to an image of a Japanese female with red pupils, with her right eye is colored red, along with a loud, stretched, crying sound effect, After the screamer is shown, the screen zooms itself for one time, The sound will player forever until the game reloads itself repeats.

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NOTE: The following game contains a screamer.


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Anonymous #1

one month ago
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On the screenshot of this, i can see it says Create by Nickkit at the bottom right corner, does it mean that this was created by Nicckit?
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