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Gamemun was a screamer Flash game created by Nickket in 2006.

The screamer attempts to fool people into thinking they are going to play an actual game. A loading screen is shown, followed by a screen with options to choose "1 Player" or "2 Players". After either one is chosen, the face of a pale woman with red eyes and red lips appears and zooms in, along with a stretched crying sound effect. The sound will continue to play continuously until the player closes the game.

The image used in the Flash is known as クレイジーゴースト (kureijī gōsuto) or 赤目女 (akame on'na, "red-eyed woman") and is featured on the 検索してはいけない言葉アットウィキ ("words you must not search wiki").[1]




NOTE: The following game contains a screamer.




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