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Fun Quiz is a Japanese mobile game created by Nao Yanase. It is supposed to be a normal quiz game until the player goes into the Normal Mode, which contains a screamer.

When pressing the Start button, it would take the player to the game mode, with Easy Mode for starters. "The Easy Mode" starts with normal gameplay. if the player loses all three hearts, the game will be over and they would choose between two buttons. The first button would bring the player to the game mode screen while the second button would bring the player to the title screen.

When the player beats Easy Mode, it will unlock "Normal" difficulty, this mode is where the odd things start.

The first three questions can be played normally until the player reaches the fourth question. When the player reaches the fourth question, the question starts with a gibberish question along with the answer, and the answers also can't be clicked. After about 20 seconds, the screen starts to glitch as the gibberish text on the question box is out of the box, as well, the answer buttons are everywhere with also gibberish words, along with a pretty disturbing sound and the player's phone will vibrate.

When the glitched question ends, it would still be on the question screen, but with no questions, and the answer box fills with Japanese words as it fades in and out each answer box, and the screen will turn into black filled with random red-colored text. Then later, an illustration of a girl pops up (The illustration was made by Irasutoya).

After that, the screen cuts back to normal with some sort of a press the button minigame, which tells the player that needs to press the "button" 100 times (or points), This minigame seems to trick the player to think they are pressing on the "button" which is the black button. If the player presses the black button after 22 times, it will show up as a close-up Japanese doll along with a screaming sound, as well as the phone vibrates again. To get an actual 100 points is by pressing the "「ボタン」" text instead of the black button.

After the player reaches 100 points, the game will be over but with a red background and more gibberish text. As if the player presses the first button, it brings them to the title screen but with a red background, and when the player presses the start button, instead of game modes, it directs to very long quizzes.


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

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