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Fantasma en los simpson (Ghost in The Simpsons) is a YouTube screamer video uploaded by user 3014649 in April 6, 2007.

The Spanish text at the beginning urges viewers to find a ghost in a picture of The Simpsons while telling them to turn the volume up all the way, even though most of the video has no sound, and then a screenshot of Bart and Lisa disguised as a boy appears in a restaurant (from the season 17 episode, The Girls Just Want to Have Sums)

After 18 seconds, an image of a cracked man appears with a loud pull on the sound of a microphone that repeats itself three times.

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NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!


Comments[edit | edit source]

Anonymous #1

7 months ago
Score 0++
I don't remember that episode

Anonymous #2

4 months ago
Score 0 You
you scared me not funny

Anonymous #2

4 months ago
Score 0 You
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