Doom 2 a scary game?

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Doom 2 a scary game? is a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by user FunnyList1 on November 22, 2007.

The video itself focuses on the creator's gameplay of the final episode "Thy Flesh Consumed" from the 1993 first-person shooter game DOOM.

Doomguy begins a seventh level (E4M7: And Hell Followed) and goes around killing basic enemies, teleporting back to spawn after killing 8 of them. After getting through a door and going into a different section of the level, he killed another two enemies, and the video freezes, with text appearing on the screen: "Take a close look in that monster's ass!!!".

The video slows down notably and zooms into the sprite of an imp a couple of times, then the Creepy Ugly Guy appears along with the song B.Y.O.B by System of a Down, set to start at a very high volume. The video ends with more text, saying "Ha Ha Ha !!! told you... Don't get mad... it was just a prank! :)".

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