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Disney Logo Subliminal Message is a screamer video uploaded by YouTube user killabobader2 on November 25, 2011, the same user also made the video called Simpsons Logo Subliminal Message.

The video shows that the late Walt Disney was a satanist he supposedly hide the "666" and the Illuminati in the Disney logo. Finally, the creator says that he is going to zoom into the photo to show more secret satanic messages, but instead of zooming in, a poor quality and sepia picture of a demon appears with a loud scream. After the scream, a troll face pops up while the creator sings the Trololo song.


Hello guys, it's Killabobader2 here. Bringing you another video. As you can see, in the Walt Disney Logo, there's this weird thing. There's a lot of—Hidden messages in Walt Disney. This is the one that catches my eye.

You know, there's like, there's like I can say like, six. There's like, the uhh word Walt, the word Disney, and the word Pictures. There's hidden messages in each one of them. Now we can't just—believe it.

Now look up there. All the towers are short, except for that, big one. Why is it so thick and tall? Well, I can tell you the answer. Once I zoom in, now as you can see they put the flag just behind the bad image behind it. And as you can see that circle behind it, represents, another bad thing; it's a subliminal message. Now, um, another subliminal message that caught my eye was in the Dis- in the word Disney. Um- the letter 'I' in there has a circle over it which looks like an 'I' on the Illuminati signs. Now, I'm not an Illuminati believer, obviously, but I see that this is subliminal and evil.

Now, I say no one should actually watch Walt Disney because they are so evil and they should be, banished from this universe. What- you know this is a subliminal message (Windows 7 device removal sound) showing you: And um, gonna zoom in now to show you the weird thing behind all this. As you can see the t- AAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (Singing) Trololololololololololololololololololol.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

  • youtube.com/watch?v=xWvAM9OzaeQ



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