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This article contains spoilers!

The "S" Ending

Dead Rising 2 is an action-adventure game developed by Capcom and released in 2010 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. It was remastered for the Xbox One and PS4 in 2016. however, it contains screamers at the end was shown.


The plot follows from the first Dead Rising game, with the story of Chuck Greene, a motorcyclist who finds himself in a zombie outbreak in Fortune City after a performance he starred in, only to find out he has been unfairly framed by an unknown person for being responsible for the outbreak. Chuck needs to clear his name, as everybody thinks he's the terrorist responsible, while also taking care of his infected daughter Katey, There are multiple endings in the game, depending on the players actions, these being ranked from F (the worst) to A (the best), while there's a bonus ending called ending S (aka Overtime mode) which contains a screamer.

The "S" Ending (Overtime)

If the player completes all the required missions and gives the character "TK" Zombrex, when the helicopters come to assist everyone out of Fortune City, Chuck (the protagonist) discovers his daughter Katey and his friend Stacey have gone missing, and Chuck overhears TK on a nearby walkie-talkie taunting him into doing tasks for TK, The player is then thrown into Overtime mode, and is given a few short tasks to do for TK within a time limit, if Chuck completes all the tasks, he is then knocked out by TK and finds himself, and his daughter and friend, tied up above a group of zombies, waiting to feast, Chuck breaks free and fights TK, Upon defeating TK, Chuck rescues his daughter, and Stacey from death, and we get a very happy ending, where it appears Chuck and Stacey become a couple, as Katey holds their hands. As the trio walk away happily, the camera pans away, only for a zombie to pop up and scream loud, ruining the happy ending.

This ending is retained in the "Off the Record" alternate version, however Chuck Greene is replaced with Frank West and Katey and Stacey are replaced with Rebecca Chang.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record - "Scare Zombies"

In the 2011 spin off remake called "Off the Record", Capcom introduced the concept of "scare zombies", These zombies always trigger a screamer via a loud audio sting.

  • The way the zombies behave:
  • They play dead in a large group of alive zombies, when the player walks near them the zombie will jump with a very loud audio sting
  • Capcom were clever in hiding these, as there are genuine dead zombies which do not trigger a screamer. It can be difficult determing if a zombie is a scare zombie or not.
  • They hide behind doors, or behind desks and grab the player as he walks past.
  • They hide in toilet stalls, the save location for the game, ready to jump out as you save your game.
  • The player can tell which stalls contain a scare zombie, by using Frank's camera to check underneath the stalls. If you see feet, they will jump out.


NOTE: The following games contains screamers!

  • Dead Rising 2: Ending S:
  • Dead Rising 2 version Frank West: Ending S:
  • Dead Rising 2: Slappy boss battle:



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