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This article contains content that some may find shocking.‎
Reader discretion is advised.


This flash screamer contains content which, although legal at the time this screamer was created, is potentially illegal in the United States today. Due to the rarity of this screamer and to still preserve this, Screamer Wiki will be providing a modified version of this flash file.

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Counting Sheep was a Flash screamer animation made by "Dragon" Nelson, originally hosted on in 2004. This is the first screamer that disguises itself as an innocent game (even though there are gruesome images that will abruptly appear at the end).

The game invites the player to count animated cartoon sheep that are jumping over a fence, letting them know they'll be asked how many sheep there were by the time it ends. As the game progresses, the Desert Palace Zone music from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 plays in the background (only used to make the game more innocent.), After counting 5 sheep, a flurry of pictures of injured sheep and sheep carcasses was accompanied by an extremely loud scream. The game then cuts abruptly again, this time to a credits frame which cuts to words displayed in order "LOSER.", "omg you suck", and a "Play again" button.

The site of this game does not exist anymore but can still be found in the archives of


Censored showcase video


  • (version with potentially illegal content removed)
  • Raw (edited) .swf:



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