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Clowns is a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by Dean Newell on September 23, 2006.

The video starts with a montage of three images featuring Bozo, Krusty the Clown, and Ronald McDonald. However, after some photos, it starts showing a montage of scary clown images while Tubular Bells plays, these images include:

  1. A scary clown with colored hair.
  2. An angry clown with green hair.
  3. A clown guy in a big plastic bag.
  4. Pennywise.
  5. A scary clown with a half-red and half-multi-colored suit.
  6. White scary clown in a prison cell.
  7. A scary clown from Thunderdome VIII - The Devil In Disguise
  8. A scary clown with green hair and an orange suit.
  9. A scary clown holding a chainsaw.
  10. A B&W sign with big black text "SMILE OR WE'LL SEND THE CLOWNS 'ROUND" with a clown image.
  11. A happy clown.
  12. A VHS cover from a 1988 scary fantasy movie Killer Klowns from Outer Space.
  13. Pennywise again.
  14. A scary clown with green hair and an orange suit again.
  15. The same screamer from The Black Button.
  16. A scary clown mask.
  17. Another scary clown mask.

After the last image, a text box will appear, reading "Goodnight... and sleep tight, this slide show was brought to you by a Clown". At the 3:33 timestamp, a black screen pops up with a scream that was also used in the game Slendytubbies.


NOTE: This following video contains a screamer!

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