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Clowns is a screamer video created by user Dean Newell.

The video starts with montage of 3 images featuring Bozo, Krusty the clown, and Ronald McDonald. however, after some photos, it starts showing a montage of scary clown images while Tubular Bells plays. after the next image, the text box will appear reading "Goodnight... and sleep tight, this slide show was brought to you by a Clown." at 3:33, a black screen pops up with a scream.

List of pictures from the video:[edit | edit source]

  1. A scary clown with colored hair.
  2. An angry clown with green hair.
  3. A clown guy in a pig plastic bag.
  4. Pennywise.
  5. A scary clown with a half red and half multi-colored suit.
  6. White scary clown in a prison cell.
  7. A clown from Thunderdome VIII: The Devil in Disguise.
  8. A scary clown with green hair and an orange suit.
  9. A scary clown holding a chainsaw.
  10. A B&W sign with big black text "SMILE OR WE'LL SEND THE CLOWNS 'ROUND" with a clown image.
  11. A happy clown.
  12. A VHS cover from a 1978 scary fantasy movie Killer Klowns from Outer Space.
  13. Pennywise again.
  14. A scary clown with green hair and an orange suit again.
  15. A white clown with green hair.
  16. A scary clown mask.
  17. Another Scary Clown Mask.

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NOTE: This following video contains a screamer!