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Chad Hates Aliens

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Chad Hates Aliens (also known as Roommate Alien Prank Goes Bad) Is a screamer video uploaded to Youtube on Febuary 25, 2008 by chadmattandrob .

After a short title screen, two men, Matt and Rob, explain that their roommate, Chad, is afraid of ailens. It's 3 A.M. and they both plan to scare him by wearing alien glasses. They burst into the bedroom, yelling gibberish  and waking up Chad, scaring him,  just as planned. Five days later, they explain another prank they have planed for Chad. This time, they use a fake "Alien Hand" to scare him while he showers. He recoils away from the hand and is in the face with an ironing board by Matt. Now, three weeks later, Matt and Rob explain yet another prank for Chad. He has an important meeting in the morning, so the two decide to have some fun. This time,  they're both wearing robes with the alien glasses from before. As they explain their prank, a sudden loud crash sounds and the camera goes from black, to static. When the camera returns to normal, Matt and Rob both look horrified. Opening Chad's bedroom door, the camera zooms in on a small alien standing by his bed. Chad yells questions at them, assuming this is just another prank of theirs. As Matt and Rob plead for Chad to get out of the room, a screamer occurs when the alien jumps up at them from behined the door with a loud scream, sending the three running out the house and in the front yard. To the surprise of Matt and Rob, Chad gets the ailen on the ground and starts punching it in the face before taking out a pistol, shooting, and killing it. The video then ends.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!




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