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Castle Cat is a flash game made for the website in 2004 by a man known as Felix Wiesner (or just Weisi for short). He is infamous for making tasteless and weird, sometimes even pornographic flash games. Castle Cat has since had three sequels, also playable on Mausland, but all games can be easily found on various websites. Castle Cat 4 however, is infamous for haveing a quite gruesome game over shock screen.

If the player dies in Castle Cat (1), Castle Cat is shown on the game over screen with bandages on his head, mumbling in disappointment (in Daffy Duck's voice). In Castle Cat 2, the game over screen is identical to the title screen. In Castle Cat 3 when the player dies, a black garbage bag is shown with a lable reading: "DEAD CAT" on it. It is uknown where this image originated from. Castle Cat 4's game over screen is far more disturbing. The game over screen in this game is a black and white photo of a woman holding a rotten, roadkill cat with the message: "YOU ARE DEAD !!! PLAY AGAIN " in bold yellow text.


NOTE: The following game contains graphic content!



Anonymous user #1

3 months ago
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I forgot why I was so afraid of these games as a kid, at least I know now.
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