Baldi's Basics Trap Out of Control

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This article contains spoilers!

Baldi's Basics Trap Out of Control is an unofficial sequel to the infamous horror game Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning, having the same gameplay as the previous game.

But it's not considered a horror game, unlike its official game. Here, when the player gets the first question wrong, instead of Baldi going after them with a ruler, he is simply killed by someone. Once Baldi is murdered, the player will be free to pick up all the notebooks in the game, having the same characters that will slow the player down when searching for the notebooks, removing the part of being chased by Baldi. The game officially has two endings, one containing a screamer.


Sad Ending

In The first ending, the player has to do like Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning and have to grab all seven notebooks, but without the pressure of being caught by the Bucket staring at them with a loud noise like a dazed scream. After picking up all the notebooks, the school signal will ring and all the characters in the school will come out. The player will still have the false exits, but after taking the real exit, the unnamed protagonist will come across the characters crying, while Baldi's body is taken by an ambulance. After this scene, the unnamed protagonist takes the same bus that took them to school, but it ends up taking them to the cemetery during the day where Baldi was buried. When the player approaches the coffin, the ghost of Baldi appears, saying goodbye, while the other characters cry and mourn his murder. This ending at least has no screamer.

Alternative ending

There are two ways to get this alternate ending. The first one is when the school bus stops. Instead of entering Baldi's school, the player should try to go to the playground. They will get into a mini-game and will have to follow a correct path without hitting anything, or the minigame will reset. If the player enters the school, they will not be able to enter this playground until they collect all notebooks. Instead of taking the bus that will take the player to the cemetery during the day, they should approach the playground.

If they pass the minigame, the player will be in front of Baldi's tomb at nighttime. They will hear laughter while the screen goes to the right, showing a mysterious shadow laughing, after which the camera quickly goes to Baldi's grave, where out of nowhere a zombie Baldi will leap at the viewer with a really loud scream.

The second way to do this ending is simply to fail all 7 notebook questions and take the bus. Instead of taking him to the cemetery by day with the school characters, it's just you at night, not having to do that mini-game. This also ends with the zombie Baldi bouncing on the player with a loud scream.


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!




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