Awesome way to die

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Awesome way to die is a screamer video created by the website/YouTuber Violent Broccoli. It was first made and uploaded to the site in 2009 and made its way to their YouTube channel in 2011.


For most of the video, the camera man is seen trying to film his girlfriend, to her annoyance. On the third attempt, she turns to him and he appears to get a perfect shot of her body, until he pans up to her face to see that she has transformed into a demon girl, letting out a loud screech as she lunges at him. After, we see that the camera has been knocked to the floor with a bloodstain on the lens and the man's arm is seen to the right twitching. The duo's daughter runs in to see what's going on and disappears off-screen. The man's arm starts to twitch even faster, and shortly after, the girlfriend appears again to scream at the camera before the screen cuts off. The logo for Violent Broccoli and a link to their site then appears.


NOTE: The following video contains screamers.




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