Are You Colourblind?

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This page is about a screamer or shock site, whose original copy has been deleted.
This screamer's original copy is deleted, but the article links to an archive on the Wayback Machine or another saved copy.

Are You Colourblind? is an interactive multimedia flash screamer that was released by in the year of 2002. The program purports to be an evaluative tool for one's ability to distinguish hues.


Once the user enters the game, they are instructed to identify numerals which have been cunningly concealed within chromatic orbs. Their performance in this regard is used to calculate their final score. The proceedings commence once the participant initiates the action by pressing the "begin" button.

Upon successfully completing three such trials, the user is directed to hit the "enter" button on the final query. Alas, at this juncture, the programmatic machinations of "Are You Colourblind?" give way to sheer diabolism. Suddenly, an image of an ocular organ suffering from severe conjunctivitis appears, accompanied by a cacophony of piercing screams and electroacoustic perturbations. For one brief second, the text "YOU ARE COLOURBLIND" flashes ominously on the screen. Thereafter, the display transitions to a credit sequence, where the user is subjected to the following taunting phrase: "YOU LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!"


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer with flashing lights!




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