A Girl's Possession (Short Film By Kiwasi)

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A Girl's Possession is a horror short film on YouTube made by KiwasiNelen on March 24, 2024. It is about a mother searching for her daughter Lily, only to discover that she is possessed. It should also be noted that this gained first place in the Create your own Screamer Contest.

The story begins with a mother hearing her daughter, Lily, crying in the dark as she tries to pick her up from school. Lily is the same girl featured in Is She Cute Or Not? and Give lily some candy!. When Lily stops crying and begins to laugh instead, her mother becomes concerned. As the mother calls her name, the lights flicker, and Lily turns away, revealing dark eyes and a creepy smile.

Her mother screams and runs, calling out for her again. Suddenly, the creepy smile reappears, sending the mother into a panic. She runs away again, and as she experiences a breakdown, Lily reappears, seemingly asking what's wrong. But then, Lily is once again possessed and lunges at her mother.

The scene shifts to a dark, abandoned place, where the mother stumbles and falls before the screen cuts to black. Several moments later, Lily's terrifying face fills the screen, her mouth wide open in a screech. The mother screams "LILLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!" as the scream echoes in the darkness. Lastly, it cuts to the credits with a text at the end "that scared you, didn't it?"


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

  • youtube.com/watch?v=gJOzq_tYulA
  • Permalink: web.archive.org/web/2oe_/wayback-fakeurl.archive.org/yt/gJOzq_tYulA



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