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What is 3dmodelingasusual?[edit]

3dmodelingasusual is a secret cog index in the game Toontown Offline. In versions below v2.5.0, the cog index contains a picture of the staff member "Bill" with red eyes and a toothy smile with a screaming sound while the staff member Swag Foreman kills the player in the background. This happened due to a leak of the index by Grumpy Bear and they wanted to keep it away, so they turned it into a screamer. In versions v2.5.0 and above, it has been replaced with a screen effect, making the screamer nonexistent nowadays. No videos exist documenting this anymore due to removal of the videos from YouTube. The only Images remaining are on the discord.

How to trigger it?[edit]

~setCogIndex 3 2 3dmodelingasusual. THIS ONLY WORKS FOR VERSIONS UNDER 2.5 and OVER THE JAZZY UPDATE.


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