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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

2 Men 1 Girl 1 Supper is the title of a non-existent shock video, with only "reaction" videos of it. It is unknown what actually happens in the supposed video, but all of the reaction videos contain the same audio soundtrack of the titular man and young girl screaming and crying with slapping sounds being heard in the background along with a synth drum loop playing. Despite all of the many rumors, there is no actual evidence of the video existing.

A "reaction" of the video.


According to rumor, there was a comment on this particular reaction video posted by Alex Damon describing what the video potentially could be. To summarize:

"2 men 1 girl 1 supper was a video published in 2015 on a media site on the dark web, and it starts out with a man scolding his 13-year-old teenage daughter for not eating her dinner. As far as the setting and the people look, they are Caucasian but the cameraman sounds and looks like a shaved Russian dude, and the house clearly looks American. It also looks like they lived in a richer-looking house, the dad looks like a man who looks like a stereotypical middle-aged rich "father" with a five-o-clock shadow, and with short but grey greasy hair, the girl had like long black hair with a yellow short mini sundress, and it's set in the afternoon on a sunny day with some clouds but the sun is still shining at the same time, and it looking rather dramatic, despite it being called a "supper", and then he picks her up and then brings her into another room where he scolds her even more, then he lifts up her clothes and underwear, then picks her up and starts spanking her with a paddle really hard.

She at one point starts bleeding from all the slapping and then he starts throwing things on her butt such as putting bleach or lemon juice on her bruised naked butt to aggravate her pain, pulling her hair, insulting her, then the cameraman defecates on her butt, the dad then violently shakes her, (possibly trying to give her a concussion as well) as well as covering her mouth to drown out her screaming and crying with the cameraman is laughing the whole time at her misery. After he does all of this to her, he then stands up with her over his shoulder to show her bruised nude butt and all of the damage he has caused as he walks out of the room with her, and the cameraman calls her a “Stupid Little Cunt.” Off-screen, but isn't heard due to the loud music. He then scolds her again and the cameraman insults her one last time while laughing at her misery before the video ends as it shows his dog standing outside barking with a Sony Vegas-like TV effect.

The video was filmed up-and-down and was one of the first iPhone videos it was filmed around 2010 or 2011 or 2012 due to its lower quality of it but wasn't published until sometime in 2015. It also had some intro and logo to it indicating it was part of some media company that did this kind of sick media. This video has already been watched by millions of people everywhere, and its disturbing nature of it has caused permanent nightmares, seizures, and even suicides. It is also heard that parents have been emotionally affected and scarred by it to the point where they had gotten divorced and/or committed suicide. It is unkown what part of the world this was filmed in but it looks like a typical suburban house where this was in. it could be anywhere in the united states of american or it could be canada. i don't know, but either way this seemed like a location where they would have not been able to get away with doing all of this in. But the man in the video appears to be part of some weird cult, due to the logo and music. The man and the other guy are still on the run from the police, and the girl ran away but i heard she may have committed suicide as she came from an orphanage, and this was just one of the videos that she starred in by these awful and sick guys. Whatever you do. Only those that value their sanity will not watch it. So please. DO. NOT. WATCH. THIS!!!!!"

There is also another rumor stating that there were more videos of the little girl being abused very intensely than just what is seen on the video, that she either got killed by the men, or committed suicide, and that she originally came from an orphanage. (If this is even what's let alone really happening in this particular video, and plus orphanages no longer exist in the United States.) The user then lastly warns the reader to never watch the video.

The “audio clip” starts out with a man yelling at supposedly the young teenage girl, supposedly at a dinner table, and then him taking her somewhere else in the house, and then we hear slapping sounds and her yelling in pain, which gets worse. Pretty soon she starts wailing and bawling in pain and the man verbally insults her several times. She even calls him a "Fucking idiot." several times. Then pretty soon after a while, we hear her scream harder and more in pain with her whining, and then the cameraman and the man scold her again before the video ends. Then he scolds her one last time as we hear the cameraman laughing the whole time in the background.

There is another rumor stating this video is not really so shocking, but rather just a video of regular porn instead.

Lastly, there's another rumor of it simply being cringeworthy.


NOTE: The following file contains audio of torture!

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  • No one has ever committed suicide or had seizures after watching a shock video.
  • The reactions all contain the same format. People talking about pop culture, and having the same drum loop.
  • Devin MIllar created this as his response to 3 Orangutans 1 Blender with his friends.



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