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A "reaction" video of it.

2 Men 1 Girl 1 Supper is an unknown shock video, and only reaction videos exist of it. It is unknown what actually happens in the video but the reaction videos contain the same audio clip of a man and woman screaming and crying with slapping sounds in the background along with a synth drum loop. Although there is no evidence of the video actually existing.

According to rumor, there was a comment that was deleted that reads this, "2 Men 1 Girl 1 Supper starts out with a man scolding his 13 year old daughter for not eating her dinner, and then he picks her up and then brings her into another room where he scolds her even more, then he takes off her clothes and underwear and starts spanking her with a paddle. She at one point starts bleeding and he then he starts throwing things on her butt such as putting bleach or lemon juice on her bruised naked butt to aggravate her pain, pulling her hair, insulting her, defecating on her butt, and covering her mouth to drown out her screaming and crying with the cameraman being amused by the whole thing, as well as show her bruised nude butt and all of the damage he has caused as the cameraman calls her a, “Stupid Little Cunt.” He insults her one last time before the video ends. The video was filmed up-and-down and was one of the first iPhone videos and it was filmed around 2010 or 2011 but wasn't published until 2013, it also had some intro and logo to it indicating it was part of some media company that did this kind of media. This video has already been watched by millions of people everywhere, and the disturbing nature of it has caused seizures and even suicides, mostly parents have been emotionally affected by it. Whatever you do. DO. NOT. WATCH. THIS!!!!!!"

There is also is another rumor stating that there was more videos of the little girl being abused very intensely more than just what is seen on the video. (If this is even let alone what is really happening the first video.)

Very little is known about the video, and all there is for a “video” is just a, “soundtrack” of what is supposed to be what is happening in the video with a synth drum loop being played over the top of it along with yelling and crying noises from the two men, and the little girl in question.

In the, “audio clip” it starts out with a man yelling at a little teenage girl, supposedly at a dinner table, and then him taking her somewhere else in the house and then we hear slapping sounds and her yelling in pain, which gets worse. Pretty soon she starts wailing in pain and the man verbally insults her. Then pretty soon after a while, we hear her scream harder and more in pain with her whining and then the man scolding her again before the video ends. Then he scolds her one last time as we hear the cameraman laughing the whole time.

The reaction videos have the same audio clip of a man and the young girl screaming, yelling, and crying along with a synth loop plays: File:2Men1Girl1SupperMusic.mp3


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one month ago
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This is not real. Trust me.

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3 days ago
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I mean if we can't trust anonymous user 1 then who can we trust?
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