Ollie & Moon Subliminal Message

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(SCREAMER, NOT FOR KIDS) Ollie & Moon Subliminal Message is a YouTubevideo uploaded in 2021 by RainLauncher85 UTTP THDTC. The video is 24 seconds in length.

The Video

The video starts off with text on a bluish background saying “I recently found something strange about this photo... can you spot it?” for 5 seconds. It then shows a picture of Ollie & Moon Show, which is apparently the picture that has the subliminal message, even though the picture is perfectly fine. Then it shows text on the same background that says “Couldn’t see it? I’ll zoom it in.” and it zooms in on the image for another 4 seconds before text on the same background as the last piece of text says “Look closer between the text and Ollie’s ear.” However this only goes on for half the time before a creepypasta image of Pikachu with no eyes and blood dripping from almost everywhere pops up and flashes twice with the same scream from Kikiabefore fading out.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

  • youtube.com/watch?v=ENCK2GTsywc