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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

AIUEO (あいうえお) is a shock site created by Itomane. The shock website disguises itself as a Hiragana composition.


The main page contains cartoon illustrations of a teacher and two students, along with a table of hiragana characters. The title on the top says "Yoiko's AUIEO composition" and the teacher tells that "this is the website that created purpose of helping everyone to learn hiragana through familiar things". Taro (boy) and Hanako (girl) ask them to study hiragana together.

Some of the hiragana characters are links to pieces of artwork that contain grotesque, gory content.

あ (a) 顎無し (No chin / Chinless)

A woman with her chin and jaw missing.

お (O) 嘔吐 (Vomiting)

A woman vomiting up her own blood and organs.

か (Ka) 顔なし (Faceless/no face)

A woman with her face sliced off, revealing her flesh.

く (Ku) 串刺し (Skewered)

Two naked women with multiple skewers going through them. Both of them have had their arms amputated to the shoulder.

こ (Ko) ゴポッ (Gopo)

A woman with blood bursting from her eyes, mouth, and a wound on her neck.

し (Shi) 人体発火 (Human body ignition)

A woman burning alive.

す (Su) スクラップブック (Scrapbook)

Three files are posted on this page, with all of them being scrapbooks.

The first image includes a photo of a disfigured human face that has been nailed onto a wall, a photo of an eyeball, and a photo of a woman lying in a puddle of her own blood as her left eye is hanging out.

The second image shows a photo of a body of a woman that has mostly been melted, a photo of a woman smiling at the camera as she holds two fingers to the camera with a bloody hand, and a photo that shows a close up of an eyeball that has been stitched open.

The third image shows a photo of a woman whose face and neck are covered in cuts, a photo showing the bloated decaying face of a woman, and a photo showing a hand with its fingers cut off.

た (Ta) 達磨 (Bodhidharma)

Two files are posted on this page.

The first image shows a woman who is blindfolded and gagged, with all four limbs amputated.

The second image shows the body of a woman in a white shirt, laying in a pool of her own blood. Her arms are amputated to the shoulder, her lower body is gone, and there are lacerations all over her face and neck.

ち (Chi) 腸 (Intestine)

A naked woman is blindfolded and gagged, with her own intestines being used as a rope to tie her up in shibari bondage. All four limbs have been amputated.

と (To) 吐血 (Vomiting blood)

A woman covers her mouth as she tries to hold back her own vomit, blood is visible on her face and hands.

な (Na) 内臓 (internal organs)

A body of a woman who had been horribly disfigured and mangled. Parts of her scalp and skull are missing, letting her brains pour out. Her eyeballs slightly bug out while sitting in destroyed eye sockets. Her arms and legs appear to have been ripped from her in a sloppy fashion. The skin of her midsection is gone, revealing her organs.

ね (Ne) ネクロフィリア (Necrophilia)

A woman hugs and licks a corpse, it's unclear which part of the corpse is being licked.

は (Ha) 爆死 (Death by explosion)

The splattered and messy remains of a woman, the only clearly recognizable part is the head.

ひ (Hi) ピーラー (Peeler)

A woman floating in a red liquid. She had the skin of her back peeled off, revealing the muscle and spine.

ふ (Fu) 不正咬合 (Malocclusion)

A disfigured woman with a gaping mouth that has misaligned teeth, with the outer part of her nose missing.

ヘ (He) ヘッドショット (Headshot)

A woman's head explodes.

み (Mi) みじん切り (Chopped)

A woman laying on the ground and holding a knife, with her legs amputated and her intestines spilling from a wound on her belly. One of her arms is amputated, with the hand that had been cut off laying by the woman.

め (Me) 目 (Eye)

Two files are posted on this page. They both contain two surreal images of a warped wall of eyes.

り (Ri) リストカット (Wrist cut)

A bloodied woman sitting by a bathtub as she puts her bleeding wrist into the water, and a bloodied boxcutter is seen next to the woman.

れ (Re) 轢死 (Run over)

The mangled corpse of a woman. The right side of her body appears to have been dragged to the ground. Her right eye is falling out of the socket. Both of her arms were amputated to the elbow, with the right arm being torn off. The lower half of her body is missing, letting her intestines pour out.

わ (Wa) 輪 (Ring)

Three zombie-like women holding onto each other as they lay on the ground, forming a ring shape. They are all eating pieces of the person they are grabbing onto.


NOTE: The following shock site contains extremely graphic content!



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