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Oh hey, it seems like you have stumbled upon my User page. Frankly, I don't have much of a clue how MediaWiki works, but I've been following this community of scary and shocking media since the FANDOM days and I saw that some articles could use a little fixing. I'll probably do that from time to time, maybe leave a nice little comment too. :)

Anyway, this page doesn't really have anything interesting, so you'd probably wanna go browsing this encyclopedia and read about all the horrors that the internet has to offer instead. A fun time for the whole family, no?

Haha.. No.

At least websites like this exist for the curious but careful, ones who like to read about scary internet videos or games without actually interacting with them. I'm sure that's the reason for anyone visiting this site, including me. :P

(Also what happened to the original FANDOM page?)