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This video begins with a warning message that the materials in the video may damage one's health and to watch at your own risk. After that message, a dark-brown hallway is shown with eerie music in the background.
After 50 seconds, a picture of a cat an adorable kitten accompanied by a meow pops up and afterwards the credits start. The following line is shown: "''THANKS FOR WATCHING! Prepare prepare to shit bricks brix >;3''". after this line appears from the bottom, a flurry of well-known [[screamer]] faces, like [[Regan MacNeil]], El Ayuwoki, the [[Tic-Tac-Toe]] zombie, [[The Fact About Sajjad Ali|the Sajjad Ali banshee]], and [[Pazuzu]] appear and zoom to the viewer in a fast slideshow fashion with accompanying screams. The screen then becomes black.
One second later, the face of [[Jeff the Killer]] comes up while the song [ I Shot The Sheriff] by [ Bob Marley] plays. Again, after that, [[Regan MacNeil]] pops up again with the same scream used in [[The Maze]] while the face zooms up and seemingly "headbutts" the screen.

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