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This is currently the recommended way to permalink. Before, it was recommended you put the video into and put the link into, however, ssyoutube and y2mate are blocked in the United States and parts of are blocked on

#1: Copy the link to the video[edit source]


Self explanatory. Just copy the link to the video you want to archive.

#2: Paste the link in the url box, but change the url to ""[edit source]


It is recommended you use Brave Browser (new private tab with TOR if in the US since y2mate is blocked in the US), or an adblocker for this since Y2mate is LITTERED with ads. Y2mate is the best for this since you can download the video in the max resolution. If you do not wish to use Y2mate (or you live in the United States), you can use Invidious (, but Invidious does not support downloading the max resolution (with video and audio).

#3: Click the download button the max resolution video and download the video[edit source]


#4: Go to for smaller files or for larger files[edit source]


Catbox is recommended for this since it is incredibly easy to use. Just make sure to not upload shock videos to itself.

Once the video is uploaded, copy the link.

#5: Go to and paste the link where it says "Save Page Now"[edit source]


#6: Click "save page" again to save the page, then copy the saved link[edit source]


Finally, paste the link on the article itself.

That's how to permalink a video.