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The PA Snow Dispute is the incident that took place in the town of Pennsylvania, where a man killed a couple and committed suicide over a snow removal dispute. The gunman in the video was named Jeffrey Spaide, and the victims were identified as James Goy and his wife, Lisa Goy. A recording of the incident was publicized through many sources, with a 3-minute-long video uploaded on the site Reddit.

The video (off-screen) shows the Goys shoveling snow from their parking spots and throwing it onto Spaide's property. Spaide asks that the couple stop shoveling snow on his property, to which the couple responds by insulting him, with James Goy threatening to beat him up.[1] After a minute, he runs into his garage to get his pistol; the man fires several rounds, striking the male neighbor before shooting his wife. The man screams, "Call the cops!" as he reaches up to his house and fires again at point-blank range. The gunman runs up to his house and returns to shoot the couple with another gun, fatally killing them. The gunman can also be heard saying: "You should have kept your fucking mouth shut" before shooting Lisa again.[2]

The footage ends there; information from news sources revealed that Spaide came back to his home and shot himself as the police pulled up to the scene. The incident was deemed a murder-suicide.[3]



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