Nintendo Power - Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 33)

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Nintendo Power is an episode of the long-running YouTube series Angry Video Game Nerd which was created by James Rolfe, owner of the Cinemassacre channel. The video was uploaded to YouTube on June 4, 2009, but first aired on September 4, 2007. In this episode, the nerd looks back on the Nintendo Power magazines, recalling his fondest memories throughout his childhood. The episode contains a screamer at the beginning of the episode.

The video begins with the Angry Video Game Nerd logo fading in and out on a white background, followed by the GameTrailers logo and original airdate timestamp. Metroid music plays in the background. After, we cut to a shot of the corner of the nerd's room. Visibly, you can see the SNES and N64 consoles plugged into a TV in the background. Nintendo Power magazines are scattered all around the floor. You can point out a Pokemon, Sonic, and Zelda magazine. After 6 seconds, the Nerd pops up from the side of the screen and yells "ASS!". After, the AVGN intro plays, and then the episode begins.

Later on March 14, 2019, James would use the same gag in AVGN 166, Video Game Magazines.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!




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