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Neon Infinity's K-fee Commercials is a series of modern K-fee commercials, made by user neon infinity, who also created My Cats. There are six of these modern commercials, Rainforest, Swamp, and Rollercoaster, and later added are Nature (Swamp 2), Forest, and Tennis.

The commercials

  • Rollercoaster: The video is slightly older than the other two, and contains a rollercoaster (actually called The Swarm at Thorpe Park) dropping. But, midway through its dive, is interrupted by a green screen of the Zombie from the K-fee Auto commercial, followed by the German message from the original commercial.
  • Swamp: The video is similar to the Rollercoaster ad, but instead of theme park footage, features footage of a swamp with a small lake flowing. However, this is interrupted by the Kfee zombie, with the original German message. A sequel, Kfee Nature/Swamp 2 is very similar.
  • Forest: The video is very similar to K-fee Swamp and Swamp 2. Like Swamp 2, it features zooming images of trees followed by the zombie and a message from the said ad.
  • Tennis: Features two men playing tennis, followed by the K-fee zombie and German message.
  • Rainforest: It features footage of, you guessed it, a rainforest followed by the Kfee zombie and the German message.


NOTE: The following videos contains screamers!

  • Rollercoaster:
  • Swamp:
  • Nature (Swamp 2):
  • Forest:
  • Tennis:
  • Rainforest:



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