Japanese Lesbians Scat Play

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Japanese Lesbians Scat Play is a Heavy-R video by Karolinka.

The video consists of a Japanese teenage schoolgirl having sexual lesbian scat intercourse with her mother in her bedroom.


The video starts off with a black-fade-in, focusing on a door as it was opened by a female Japanese teenager (Mao-Chan) as she enters her bedroom, holding something in her hand.

She sits down and uncovers what she’s hiding in her hands, she lays on her bed and starts masturbating, sniffing the dirty underwear more as she groaned while moaning. and some point gags a bit due to the smell.

Then her mother (Ai-Chan) enters the house, saying that she’s home. Only to hear high-pitch moaning come out through the nearly-opened bedroom door, as she looks through the door wondering what the sound was, She covers her mouth in shock as she sees her daughter (Mao-Chan) still masturbating and sniffing her mother’s dirty underwear.

Much to her shock, she enters the room as Mao-Chan hides the panties behind her back as Ai-Chan confronted her what she is doing. Mao-Chan then tells her it’s nothing before Ai-Chan scrambles to grab what Mao-Chan got in behind.

When she successfully does so, she gasps as it was her underwear, she told Mao-Chan that it was her panties from "the dirty room". Mao Chan then asks how she knows that she took them from the dirty room. Ai-Chan and Mao-Chan talked for a short bit before Mao-Chan starts saying that she loves her mother, Ai-Chan then says that she loves her too but however, Mao-Chan gets out of hand and keeps saying that she loves her mother before saying that she loves her mother’s urine and feces.

Mao-Chan then pulls her mother onto the bed and then forced her mom to kiss her in the mouth as Ai-Chan struggles. Mao-Chan then tells her to open her mouth before Ai-Chan then does so, causing Mao-Chan to start tongue-kissing with her.

This continues on before Ai-Chan then successfully pushes Mao-Chan off the bed, causing her to walk out of the bedroom as Ai-Chan asks where she’s going.

Mao-Chan comes back to the bedroom with two enema douches and chats to Ai-Chan as she asks what she’s got. Mao-Chan then moves Ai-Chan just so she could see her ass, she massages it for a bit before sniffing her ass, much to Ai-Chan’s shock and embarrassment.

Mao-Chan keeps sniffing Ai-Chan’s ass before wiping the panties (that Ai-Chan was wearing) in her asshole (possibly trying to make it dirty), before pulling it down to see her anus. She then starts sniffing her anus before inserting the first douche inside Ai-Chan’s anus.

Ai-Chan then moans as Mao-Chan plays with the douche in Ai’s anus for a bit while she talks to herself as Ai-Chan tries to tell her before Mao-Chan squeezes the fluid inside Ai's anus before blowing air on it and sniffing it.

She then starts licking Ai's anus as Ai freaks out and even some point Mao-Chan fingers Ai's anus for a bit before licking it, she then sniffs it before holding the second unused douche and then standing on a shelf, so she could insert the douche in her anus and squeeze the fluid in aswell.

Mao-Chan then kisses Ai-Chan before she screams as Mao-Chan leans down on the floor and forces Ai-Chan to sniff her panties.

She then gets ontop of her and grinds her vagina against Ai’s, they then both ejaculated as they defecated at the same time while Mao-Chan moans in pleasure.

They then get on-top of the bed as Mao-Chan masturbates and both her and Ai moan as they defecated again, they breathe heavily out of exhaustion before kissing each other in the lips.

Mao then starts masturbating furiously as Ai-Chan then attempts calming her down, causing Mao-Chan to cry and then hugs Ai-Chan who then hugs her back aswell as the camera then pans down to the feces on the bed before fading out to black.


No information of this video has not been found.


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