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Goosh Goosh
Tokyo Tribe2.jpg
The anime in where the shock video originates from.
Maker: farky
Type: Shock video
Release date: June 27th, 2007

Goosh Goosh is a moniker given to a shock video posted by YouTube user “farky” back in June 27th, 2007. The infamous video was a clip from an anime called “Tokyo Tribe 2”, in which a sumo-like mafia boss sodomizes a man to death. As of 2018, the original video was taken down for "Violating YouTube's policy on nudity or sexual content." However, as with most shocking content on Youtube, the clip skyrocketed in infamy during the late 2000s and early 2010s with parody videos and memes based on the scene.

Background[edit | edit source]

Tokyo Tribe-2 (orトウキョウ トライブ トゥー) was a short lived anime series that ran from November of 2006 till February of 2007. Like its original manga authored by Santa Inoue, the plot focuses on a group of gangs, known as "tribes", taking ownership of Japanese territories during a period of peace within the island. Among these gangs, the 3 most prominent ones are the Shivuya Saru Gang (the one our main characters are affiliated with), the Wu-Ronz Gang (common enemies in the show), and the most powerful of them all simply known as the Buppa Clan.

As our protagonists deal with the daily struggles that all gangs have to go through such as drug trading and vandalism, one of them named "Mera" (メラ) is constantly confronting with his grisly step-father named "Buppa-sama" (ブッバ様, or just simply "Buppa") who killed both of Mera's biological parents. With deep rooted vengeance, Mera sees it as his life goal to put an end to Buppa's mafia, their criminal activities, and avenge his parents.

Context of "Goosh Goosh" Scene[edit | edit source]

The scene itself came from the first episode of the anime simply titled "Track:1." After a basic introduction of our main characters and what the show will be about, Mera approaches Buppa's lavish swimming pool where he is seen getting licked by a bunch of nude women. As Mera is ready to deliver the money he allocated from one of the smaller gangs in Japan, Buppa turns his attention to a young black haired man in a black tuxedo standing next to Mera (presumed to be one of Buppa's male servants). As he is assessing the unnamed man's appearance, he says "This is very good" with a smirk on his face. Immediately after the statement, a red shaking exclamation mark (!) is shown on screen followed by a silhouette of Buppa anally raping the man while simultaneously going "goosh goosh" (which is where the scene gets its name from).

After a full 24 seconds of pure violation, Buppa ends up raping and inseminating so hard to the point where he shatters the man's spine in half along with a scene up close to Buppa's face of absolute ecstasy (implying that he is bisexual) which gets superseded by a moment where the outlines of Buppa's semen are shown on a black background. As soon as the man's dead body flops on the ground and gets put on a stretcher, Buppa sits on a humungous recliner where he is gasping for breath after the anal intercourse as he tells Mera and his friends a mission that he wants them to accomplish having to do with ending a conflict within the Shivuya Saru Clan. At that point, the notorious "Goosh Goosh" scene is over as our protagonists set off to complete their mission.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

The anime itself was mostly obscure during its early years. However, it would eventually gain the attention of many anime fans and internet users in general when a YouTube User named "farky" published the disgusting scene on June 27th, 2007 with the video itself titled "Goosh Goosh." While the video was eventually taken down in 2018 for "Violating YouTube's policy on nudity or sexual content", parodies and memes of the scene continue to rejuvenate its existence on the platform.

For instance, a user named "Daemon1512" posted a parody of the video in 2009 in which the sound effects are replaced with those from the popular game Team Fortress 2. In another example, YouTube user "DriftHero77" combined the popular "Guile theme goes with everything" meme and the "Goosh Goosh" scene in July of 2010. However, in this case, the video was taken down for the same reason as with farky's video.

As the scene's popularity started to plateau, it would eventually gain more popularity after the release of the "Tokyo Tribe Movie" in which many internet users joked about the live-action movie adapting the horrific nature of the "Goosh Goosh" scene. However, this did not happen, yet many continued to joke about what if it ended up happening.

Links[edit | edit source]

NOTE: The following videos contains animated pornographic content!

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  • Reuploaded:
  • Full First Episode:
  • TF2 version:

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