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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

This page is about a screamer or shock site, whose original copy has been deleted.
This screamer's original copy is deleted, but the article links to an archive on the Wayback Machine or another saved copy.

Goosh Goosh is a moniker given to a shock video posted by YouTube user farky on June 27th, 2007. The infamous video was a clip from the Japanese seinen manga series Tokyo Tribes, in which a sumo-like mafia boss sexually assaults and sodomizes a man to death. As of 2018, the original video was taken down for "pornographic content" However, as with most shocking content on YouTube, the clip skyrocketed in infamy during the late 2000s and early 2010s with parody videos and memes based on the scene.


Tokyo Tribes, also known in Japanese as Tokyo Tribe-2 (orトウキョウ トライブ トゥー) was a short-lived anime series that ran from November 2006 until February 2007. Like its original manga authored by Santa Inoue, the plot focuses on a group of gangs, known as "tribes", taking ownership of Japanese territories during a period of peace within the island. Among these gangs, the three most prominent ones are the Shivuya Saru Gang (the one our protagonistic characters are affiliated with), the Wu-Ronz Gang (common enemies in the show), and the most powerful of them all simply known as the Buppa Clan.

As our protagonists deal with the daily struggles that all gangs have to go through such as drug trading and vandalism, one of them named "Mera" (メラ) is constantly confronting his grisly step-father named "Buppa-sama" (ブッバ様, or just simply "Buppa") who killed both of Mera's biological parents. With a deep-rooted vengeance, Mera sees it as his life goal to put an end to Buppa's mafia, and their criminal activities, and to avenge his parents.

Context of "Goosh Goosh" Scene

The scene itself came from the first episode of the anime simply titled "Track:1." After a basic introduction of our main characters and what the show will be about, Mera approaches Buppa's lavish swimming pool where he is seen getting licked by a bunch of nude women. As Mera is ready to deliver the money he allocated from one of the smaller gangs in Japan, Buppa turns his attention to a young black-haired man in a black tuxedo standing next to Mera (presumed to be one of Buppa's male servants). As he is assessing the unnamed man's appearance, he says "This is very good" with a smirk on his face. Immediately after the statement, a red shaking exclamation mark (!) is shown on screen followed by a silhouette of Buppa anally raping the man behind a curtain while simultaneously going "goosh goosh" (which is where the scene gets its name from).

After a full 24 seconds of pure violation, Buppa ends up raping and inseminating so hard to the point that he shatters the man's spine in half along with a scene up close to Buppa's face of absolute ecstasy (implying that he is bisexual) which gets superseded by a moment where Buppa's semen is shown on a black background, presumably the man's anus. As soon as the man's dead body flops on the ground and gets put on a stretcher, Buppa sits on a humungous recliner where he is gasping for breath after the anal intercourse as he tells Mera and his friends a mission that he wants them to accomplish has to do with ending a conflict within the Shivuya Saru Clan. At that point, the notorious "Goosh Goosh" scene is over as our protagonists set off to complete their mission.


The anime itself was mostly obscure during its early years as it only ran on WOWOW for about three months. However, it would eventually gain the attention of many anime fans and internet users in general when a YouTube User named "farky" published the scene on June 27th, 2007 with the video itself titled "Goosh Goosh." While the video was eventually taken down in 2018 for being too violent and pornographic on YouTube, parodies and memes of the scene continue to rejuvenate its existence on the platform.

For instance, a user named "Daemon1512" posted a parody of the video in 2009 in which the sound effects are replaced with those from Team Fortress 2. In another example, YouTube user "DriftHero77" combined the popular "Guile theme goes with everything" meme and the "Goosh Goosh" scene in July 2010. However, in this case, the video was taken down for the same reason as with farky's video.

Apart from jests, Goosh Goosh has been referenced in numerous discussions online related to what is considered the most gruesome or strange death in an anime. For example, Tokyo Tribe 2 was placed at number 2 for an article titled "Top 10 Most Brutal Anime Deaths (Updated)" just for the Goosh Goosh scene alone amongst other deaths in the anime. In another instance, a post on the r/anime subreddit titled "What's the most f**up anime you saw" collected more comments with one of them bringing up Tokyo Tribe 2. Even WatchMojo made a humorous remark related to the anime in their "TOP 10 DISTURBING ANIME SCENES" where they claimed, "...and don’t expect us to include that infamous scene from Tokyo Tribe 2 because…just no, stop already." As a result, multiple reaction channels such as "Dwayne N Jazz" and "El rincon del desespero" showed their disgusted yet comedic reactions which popularized the scene even more. This is reflected in the numerous reuploads of all 13 episodes of the original anime on YouTube.

As the scene's popularity started to plateau, it would eventually gain more popularity after the release of the film adaptation based on the series, in which many internet users joked about the live-action movie adapting the horrific nature of the "Goosh Goosh" scene. However, this did not happen, yet many continued to joke about what if it ended up happening.


  • The original Tokyo Tribes manga was serialized between 1997-2005 and was found in a Japanese fashion magazine known as "Boon."
  • Within the manga, Buppa-sama was originally named Big Daddy (ビッグ・仏波, Biggu Buppa), though it is not fully known why the name change happened.
  • The Buppa Clan was inspired by the Yakuza (ヤクザ) gang in Japan that has terrorized the island since the mid-Edo period (1603–1868).
  • Looking at Buppa's design, he pales in comparison to the fat and jolly depiction of the Zen Buddhist known as Ho Tai. As a side note, Ho Tai is not the same as Siddhārtha Gautama who is the original Buddha.
  • While Buppa is sometimes said to be based on Jabba the Hutt from the Star Wars franchise, it's possible that he was more likely to have been inspired by malicious spirits known as onis (おに):
    • In Japanese folklore, an oni is a type of yōkai whose motivations range from revealing themselves in the annoyance of their human victims to being megalomaniacs. In the anime, Buppa has a penchant for not only committing abhorrent crimes but for seeking a complete absorption of Japan into his mafia.
    • In physique and mannerisms, Buppa resembles Shuten dōji who was an oni ruler in classical Japanese texts such as the Kojiki (古事記) who wanted to rule Japan. There are other types of onis that Buppa could have also been based on beyond the similar physical characteristics.
    • In the live-action movie adaptation, Buppa exclaims "I'm the Real Devil...[I shall] become the Devil of Asia and reign supreme." Notice how he specifically refers to himself as a devil which is also an evil being synonymous with the oni from Japanese myth.
  • In the Tokyo Tribe Movie, Buppa is depicted quite differently as he has a mafia-like hairstyle and is implied to be a cannibal towards his female servants.
  • Like many real-life mafia bosses and gangsters, Buppa has a strong bond with his son, N'Koi (ンコイ), which serves as an antithesis to his demented actions.
  • The video was used by TriHard trolls to troll GhostPolitics[1].




NOTE: The following videos contain animated pornographic content!

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