Girl Goes Psycho During Makeup Tutorial

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This page is about a screamer or shock site of which the original copy was deleted.

Girl Goes Psycho During Makeup Tutorial is a shock video uploaded to YouTube made by the15experience on April 29, 2014.

The video starts out with the woman greeting the viewer, and welcoming you to her tutorial. She then proceeds to teach you how to do your makeup, But at around the 41 seconds mark, her computer screen changes to a dark room. She notices this and gets somewhat startled by it, but it goes away right after. She then continues with the tutorial,

The video changes back to the dark room at 55 seconds mark, however. This is where the shock nature of the video starts displaying. After staring at it for about 10 seconds, around the 1:05 mark, she begins to slam her head into her computer desk. Once she's finished and pulls herself back up, blood gushing from her head and nose can be seen.

There is also a bump on her head, which seems to expose a bit of her brain. The video then ends.[1]

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