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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

El Patron, also known as 1 Man 5 Bullets, is a shock video depicting a man identified as Leonardo Alexander Caripe Brito being shot five times in the face until his eyeball pops out. It was recorded on February 21, 2022, shortly after Leonardo was murdered. The footage was sent to other motorcycle taxi drivers as a warning to pay their quotas.


Leonardo Alexander Caripe Brito in 2011.

Leonardo Alexander Caripe Brito

Leonardo Alexander Caripe Brito was born on November 18, 1987, in Caracas, Venezuela. He moved to Peru in 2021 and started working as a motorcycle taxi driver for the 5 de Agosto district. He rented a motorcycle taxi with license plate number 7568-ZA.[1] He graduated from U.E.P. Simon Rodriguez and was reported to have had three children.[2][3] In his free time, he enjoyed reading Harry Potter, playing with dominoes, and following sports teams like FC Barcelona, Manchester United, and the New York Yankees.[2]

Frank Anthony López Quiroz

Frank Anthony López Quiroz, who goes by the aliases "Chatín" and "Mata por gusto," was an extortionist who had been arrested in 2019 for killing two people. He was also connected to eight other murders.[4]

February 21, 2022

At approximately 6 pm, Leonardo parked his motorcycle taxi on Calle las Peras in Los Olivos, Peru, to talk with his friends. According to some witnesses, an argument broke out between Leonardo and the extortionist before the murder occurred.[5]


In the video, Leonardo is shown sitting on a sidewalk near his motorcycle taxi with a distressed expression, saying "tu dile el patrón" (you tell the boss) to the extortionist who is recording the video. The extortionist then pulls out a Glock, saying "al patrón" (to the boss), and proceeds to shoot Leonardo in the left side of his face five times. The first and second shots hit his left temple and near his left eye, causing his eyeball to bulge out from its socket. The third shot hit his left temple again, spraying blood out of his nose and causing his left eyeball to pop out of its socket. The fourth and fifth shots hit his nose and left cheek, which caused blood to fountain out of his nose and mouth. As he collapses on the sidewalk, the camera pans to his face, which is bleeding profusely and has his left eyeball visibly displaced. A gurgling sound and a bystander shouting can be heard near the end of the video.


Residents surround Leonardo's dead body, which is blurred.

After the murder, the video was circulated among motorcycle taxi drivers as a warning to pay their quotas or face similar consequences.[6] Bystanders who witnessed the murder took photos and recorded videos of Leonardo's body lying in a pool of blood on the sidewalk from different angles.

As part of the investigation, several motorcycle taxi drivers identified both the extortionist and the person who recorded the video as Frank Anthony López Quiroz, who led a group of extortionists targeting motorcycle taxi drivers at the time.[7][6] Police officers covered Leonardo's corpse with a plastic bag and collected bullet casings.[5]

Capture of Frank Anthony López Quiroz

On March 17, 2022, Frank Anthony López Quiroz was captured in an apartment building he rented in San Martín de Porres, almost a month after the murder. When the police encountered him, the extortionist attempted to jump from the fourth floor to the second floor of another building, dropping his Glock and fracturing his ankles in the process.[7] He was sentenced to 17 years and 4 months in prison on February 4, 2023.[8][9]


A few months after the murder, the video began to surface on several gore websites, the most well-known being Portal Uno Midias. The video quickly spread throughout the Arabic-speaking community, who titled it "Unomidias" or "murder of a Spanish man".

Gmail Incident

Main Article: California.mp4

In November 2022, a Gmail account using Leonardo's full name as its name sent the video via email to several people. If someone replied to the email, they would receive a screenshot from the video automatically from a bot.[10]



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NOTE: The following video contains extremely graphic content!

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