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tl;dr Move back censored to FANDOM and risk the issues of forking or not? You will need to log in to vote; you do not need an account to comment though.

Should we remove all offensive content and move back to FANDOM?
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So what's going on with FANDOM? Well, they'll let us stay if we remove shock sites, however, now we have the issue of having a fork.

If we make forward with the move, there will be a and a

Here's some simple pro con list for some issues.

Pros of moving back to FANDOM

  • Theme Designer
  • More reachability (as it's connected with all wikis on Wikia)
  • It just works out of the box
  • More viewership (as we, once we moved only had 10% of our viewership (though that should be fixed very soon as we've finally gotten onto Google and Bing)

Cons of moving back to FANDOM

  • The wiki is now forked, meaning that there would be two Screamer Wikis.
  • No shock sites (which make a majority of our viewership)
  • Completely css-customizable mobile theme (though there is no theme designer)
  • This website has more freedom than FANDOM(as this website is independently hosted via shared hosting)

Personally, I'd move straight back to FANDOM if it weren't for the forking issue.

Lawiki1534 (talk) 08:22, 10 September 2019 (UTC)

Though seriously, I would like to know everyone's written opinions on everything.



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